What is Love?

What is Love?

Love is a miraculous gift that we give and receive from God, one another and from life itself. It can be an overpowering emotion, a wonderful experience, an act of kindness, or a peaceful way of being. That is my abbreviated definition of what love means to me, but there is no one acceptable meaning of the word “Love,” as it can mean many different things to many different people and may be influenced by a variety of factors. For some people Love can be indescribable.

What does “Love” mean to you? (Please comment below)

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    1. So true, unconditional love, like that of a parent for a child is always given freely without expectations. Love does make one vulnerable and there are times when it is not reciprocated.

  1. Love is … unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding, patience, and so much more that humans can only feel, but not describe. I am so proud of you my friend. To add to what Janessa says, shine bright today and always! 💕

    1. To me, unconditional love is a selfless act ~ it is giving freely of one’s self without expectations. Thank you my friend for your continued support and encouragement!

  2. Love is a feeling that is so. Hard to discribe ! But it. Is a. strong feeling deep in the heart ❤️try

  3. Love is a. strong feeling deep in your heart ! It’s. hard to describe because it has so many different meanings ¿m

  4. Agape love is unconditional ; I love you period. God loves in this way. It is a perfect love. Conditional love is I will love you “if” and is a controlling love. One other form of love is the “because” love and requires certain criteria be met to earn it. Love should not have to be earned. It is a free and eternal gift from a God who is Love.

  5. I believe “Love” is a feeling of peace, tranquility, accept ance ,absence of judement. It also can be innately inside us of something warm,positive, caring . Love can be a feeling of unconditional passion,happiness,kindness. Love is compassion. Comes from within ourselves. Love can be a sense , a feeling of freedom.

  6. For me, love is giving ourselves to another unconditionally. Everyone expresses love differently, and I think learning a person’s love language is important, which is a term I just started hearing about more in the past year or so and I believe it can go a long way to realizing how other people show their love.

    1. Taking the time to learn about another person and discovering what makes them feel loved and appreciated is important. Simple things like spending time with someone and really listening to them without interrupting or judgement can be more valuable than extravagant gifts or grand displays of affection.

  7. Love to me is unconditional, forgiving, unjudgemental and all encompassing. It is the most selfless emotion you can have. And I think brings you the most fulfilling feeling you can experience. For most experienced toward your children, for many their spouses and for some in their friendships.

    1. Love can be expressed and experienced in countless ways. A simple smile or a gentle touch can help someone else get through the day. I agree, unconditional love is selfless; it is given without expecting anything in return.

  8. For me Love is passion, could be for
    people, including family, friends, could be for places, beaches, or mountains,hobbies, or a job, or just something that gives you joy, helps you feel content and fulfilled, and complete.

    1. I agree, we are surrounded by love and it takes many shapes and forms that are too numerous to list. Among other things, it can be found in a smile from a friend or strange or the joy you experience when doing something you like or just being some place you feel accepted.

  9. Love comes in different inner feelings. I never thought I could love someone more than I love my two sons. Now I love my three Grandchildren so much more but it is a different feeling of love deep inside me.

    1. Love knows no limits; it’s supply is endless! I have found that the more I love I give, the more love I have to give:it multiplies. I agree, my love for my Grandchildren is different than my love for my children. I believe part of the reason is because I love watching my children as parents.

  10. Love is my higher power. Something greater than myself that has the power to heal wounds, create joy, and lessen our troubles.

    1. Love has the power to heal both emotional and physical wounds. Our burdens tend to be lighter, when others demonstrate God’s given love, understanding and kindness.

  11. Love is God. It is the one thing that brings us all together as one in this world. It is what makes living worthwhile.

  12. Love exists in many different ways.
    There is a love a mother has for a child which is boundless and all encompassing. Then there is a love a woman has for a man or a soulmate which can be so fulfilling and take your breath away!
    There is also a love of art or nature which feels the soul with the deep appreciation of the beautiful things that God has created or has allowed humankind to create…

  13. Love comes to us in many forms.
    There is the love between a mother and a child which is boundless and all encompassing and cannot be broken. Then there is the love between a man and a woman or soulmate which completes us by filling our soul with happiness, joy and passion. There is also the love of the arts and of all things in nature which God has allowed humankind to enjoy!

    1. I agree, the capacity to love is limitless; it knows no boundaries. Love takes many different forms and can be experienced in many different ways. True love is unconditional acceptance without judgment and without expecting anything in return ~ it is selfless.

  14. Beautiful blog Florine! For me love is my children. With them I can show love and get love, otherwise my world would be very cold.

    1. Thank you Lisa, I appreciate your support! Of all the gifts God has blessed me with, I count my family as my greatest and most precious. The love of my family sustains me through all life’s challenges.

  15. I’m so late responding to this question. After reading all the thoughtful and well written responses, I can only say that I agree with all that has been shared. Love is God’s greatest gift that we share in oh so many different ways. It plays the utmost “role” in our journey through life. In times of great joy and those other times of great sadness, it’s been love from others that have seen me through.

    1. Love is the compass that steers us through life and guides our decision. It fuels our hope, strengthens our faith and makes life worth living. Karen I am so happy thank you are surrounded by people who love and support you; I’m especially grateful for those who were there to carry you through the most difficult days of your life.

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